Career Counselling & Employment Opportunities

At Power Her Wings, we understand the importance of career counselling and employment opportunities for young underprivileged girls. We wish to discuss their ambitions and goals, helping them navigate their path to success. We are committed to targeting these areas and providing them with the necessary guidance and support.

With a 3.75 trillion dollar GDP, the fifth largest in the world, India today is the fastest growing economy in the world, but all this looks meaningless when we look at the statics related to the situation of women in India. Indian women have the 11th lowest workforce participation in the world (27% versus global 50%).

To combat this we wish to empower these girls by sharing valuable information about vocational training programs offered by the Indian government at minimal costs such as, free IT and other job oriented training provided by the Delhi government. We strive to emphasise the steps they can take to enrol and enhance their educational prowess.

Our message echoes clearly: pursuing education is the best way to earn and become an informed individual with a stronger skillset. We aim to introduce various career options and encourage them to explore their hobbies, showing them how to leverage their interests to achieve independence. Above all, we emphasise the importance of never holding back and continuously striving towards their goals.
By providing career counselling and highlighting employment opportunities, we aim to empower these young girls to overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, achieve success in their chosen paths and spread their wings.